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Nurture is a personal finance marketplace to help restrained paycheck earners build  savings on the go!

How it works?

Scroll below!

Imagine a box

Now, add some money in the box

The box now represents the money you have put in (like a bank acc)

... and you can spend this money whenever you want

Price 2000

But, until you spend it, the box keeps your money working (invested) every day

so that you can earn more money in the meantime

But, sometimes you can lose some of your working money

Don't worry, it won't matter!

+ 1000 Discounts

The box will fill this loss with discounts

which you can apply on any purchase

And be able to buy all that you previously could simply, by paying less

Price 2000

Price 1000

On the flip side, get some extra money

without any hassle or costs

This is how you can Nurture Your Income

It's the only mobile app for paycheck earners to keep building savings.
(watch demo)

Get Early Access

So, stop losing money to inflation & set your paycheck up for progress

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