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1. When are you launching?
We are really early in our product development and its a while till we officially launch. That is why its important to join our invitation list as we will initially be sending download invites only to our registered user base. Thank you for the patience.

2. How can I invest through Nurture? 
Nurture is a mobile app. Once you download the app, you can create your profile and link your bank account with it. You can then navigate to the 'Invest' screen and have a look at the available portfolios. Choose a portfolio and enter the money you want to invest and you are done!

3. What are portfolios?
Think of a portfolio as a  basket of a number of stocks. By choosing one portfolio, you can basically invest in all the companies that constitute a portfolio instead of just one company. This approach helps in significantly lowering the overall risk on your money and also provide consistent and better gains over time. Nurture's portfolios are designed by experts and consists of the companies which have performed best over past 25 years.

4. Will Nurture charge any fees?
We have both freemium & premium offerings. The regular Nurture account is free of cost. For a nominal monthly subscription fee, premium users get additional benefits. Stay tuned to learn more!

5. What are the compliance and regulation standards Nurture is abiding by?
Nurture will acquire Investment Advisory license from SEC (US) and Pakistan. Prior to the official launch, Nurture will strictly ensure that all local, federal and international compliance standards are abided by. Keep watching this space because all updates will be first shared on the website for public information.


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