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Over past 20 years, an average Pakistani got poorer than before!

Simply because inflation super ceded income growth. During the same time, the local stock market provided returns 3X than that of inflation, but only 0.1% of Pakistanis benefitted. 

Nurture leverages this stock market performance to help the remaining 99.9% Pakistanis beat inflation & grow their income.

Nurture is a free mobile app for paycheck earners to help them invest their short- term savings in stocks easily, safely & for free.

You can choose from three pre created stock portfolios, invest your money in few clicks through the app to earn profits or automatically get exclusive savings when your investments are at loss. You can also use your Nurture account directly to pay for any purchase - just like a debit card!

In short, Nurture is like a money-making bank account which lets you earn either
1. Profits by investing your idle money in stock portfolios OR
Savings through exclusively discounted purchases, when investments are at loss.

How it works?


Once a user invests through Nurture, we track the investment performance of the user. As soon as the investment goes in loss, we match the loss of the user with exclusive discounts on our partner merchant network. These discounts stay until the user avails them, or the investment is back in profits.

These personalized savings in place of losses help you overcome stock market downturns without worry. Your earned profits can compound to build your long-term financial muscle without disturbing your monthly cash flows. Through Nurture, you get to capitalize on the upside of investing & spending both without any hassle, complications or hefty service charges.

So, stop losing money to inflation & signup below for early access to Nurture!

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