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How does Investment impact your Personal & Financial life - The Future of Investment

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Within the world of personal investment, new investors aim for great results as quickly as possible while trying to keep the risk of losing money as low as possible. I’m afraid to say this is just not a reality, in fact, an essential part of the investment is that risk and return have a positive correlation, the higher the risk, the greater the returns. The sooner a person learns this fundamental rule, the better.

This isn’t meant to deter one from investing, far from it. Think of life as a game of Monopoly. In Monopoly, your goal is to obtain the most amount of money. You do get $200 every time you complete a round of the board but, that money is the equivalent to your standard monthly paycheck, it’ll most likely be spent on bills or taxes before you get a chance to spend it on yourself. That’s why you have to invest, not only is it the key to success in Monopoly but also in life.

But, whilst playing this investment game called life, one must be smart about their finances. You can’t just go and buy every property you see, you have to be smart about it otherwise you’ll start losing money much faster than you’re earning it.

When it comes to beginning your investment journey, we here at Nurture are ready to help. Not only is our product beginner-friendly, but it’s also extremely easy to use. Now unfortunately there may come a time when you experience a loss, but not to fear Nurture has your back. After a loss when you purchase from one of our partnered retailers, you’ll get a percentage discount on your next purchase, think of it as compensation for your loss.

Nurture’s focus on micro-investment allows us to follow the principle of mindful investment while being beginner-friendly. If you would like to learn more about the ease of micro-investment, its impact on the economy, or how it makes investment easier in general, go ahead and visit, Start your investment journey today with us at Nurture!

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