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Make your static paycheck grow. No, this isn't about working extra jobs.

Inflation is soaring every passing day.

This means that every day we are becoming poorer than the day before.


Because our #income is static - it remains static for at least a year. After which some lucky ones get good performance appraisals and may get a decent pay raise.

However, for a vast majority even these #increments would probably do nothing. A meager 5-8% income raise against a 20% + #inflationary rise is a joke.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is simple: make your static paycheck #grow. How?

The only way to #increase #money without working an extra job is to #invest it in productive #assets e.g., #stocks. However, #investing in stocks is complicated and expensive. Also, how can a #paycheck earner keep his essential money #invested somewhere? He needs it for his monthly #expenses!

Bear with me.

#Imagine a box. Now, put some money in this box. This box now represents the money that you have put in and you can #spend this money anytime you want. But, until you spend the money, the box keeps your money invested in stocks. So, that you can #earn more #cash in the meantime. However, investing means that sometimes you may lose some money as well. In this case, it means that your monthly #budget could go haywire as you won’t be able to #pay for some of your #expenses.

True, but what if I tell you that losing money would not matter & you will still be able to go about your expenses the same way.

In this situation, the box is designed to automatically fill itself with #discounts equal to the money lost, which you can apply on any #purchase. E.g., if you lose PKR 1000, you get PKR1000 in discounts. This will help you pay PKR 1000 less on your purchase. This way you can still #buy all that you previously could simply by #paying#less for it. On the flip side, you get to earn extra #cash without any hassle or #costs.

This is what we call Nurture Your Income. It makes #troublefree #financial #progress possible for #paycheck#earners.

So, stop losing money to inflation and set your paychecks up for financial progress.

Download the test app: Nurture Your Income - Apps on Google Play

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