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Mindful Spending

"When you look at things like Warren Buffett, it's easier to see that saving is not sacrifice. When you save, that money's still spent. It's just not spent on a Mercedes or a big house. It's spent buying your future.

The opportunity cost of starting late, a foolish purchase, or a bad investment isn’t lost income or lost compounding. It’s lost time – lost experience and lost life. I'm not arguing that you should live like a monk. Far from it! But it's important to consider the opportunity costs of every purchase you make. When you buy something, you should do so intentionally because the opportunity cost of buying on impulse is enormous." - How to think like a billionaire

Nurture supplements your risk on investment with discounts on your future purchases. Now you can easily make smart decisions about managing your money. Most important of those decisions should be 'investing before spending'. Since you can always use investments to pay for your need based expenses, there is no way that you should let that cash sit idly in your bank account. Invest it! Even if you suffer a loss, you get your product at a discount.

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