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Rich Dad Poor Dad- Word of Advice

"When you invest for cash flow," my rich dad said, "you're investing in a money-back guarantee. If you invest for capital gains, you invest in hope. The biggest thief of all is hope.

In the world of investing, in addition to "asset" and "liability," there are two other very important concepts you need to understand: "Cash flow" and "capital gains." A cash flow is a real or virtual movement of money, in its narrow sense is a payment (in a currency), especially from one bank account to another. Capital gain is defined as the profit earned on the sale of an asset which has increased in value over the holding period. One of the reasons people do not become financially free is because most of them are focusing on capital gains rather than cash flow. Chasing capital gains alone is gambling -- not investing.

The key to financial intelligence is how to use both cash flow and capital gains to grow wealthy. This is exactly the concept Nurture is based on. Nurture enables you to invest in stock market and increase your short term purchasing power. You can use the profits to increase your monthly income & losses(read discounts) to increase your saving. This combination of savings & profits enables you to beat your monthly expenses and begin investing in capital gains. No investment solution in the world does that for you.

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