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Spend Or Save - the never ending struggle

Many of us are guilty of having a champagne taste with a beer budget—meaning wanting materialistic items that make you begin to start living above your means. With nonstop releases of the newest electronics, designer clothing, and cars, we are always being enticed to purchase the latest and greatest product.

It’s difficult to admit you don’t have the budget for a fancy house or a brand new car, but it’s essential to start living below your means.

Living below your means helps you to start saving money immediately, pay off debt, and also have some peace of mind. Rather than having to learn to stop living above your means once it’s too late, you will already be savvy with your money and not scrambling for cash at the last minute. You can set yourself up for financial success by making a financial plan and resist living above your means.

Nurture incentivizes you to delay your unnecessary or delay-able expenses by letting you invest and earn profits on that money. In case you suffer a loss, your favorite products will get discounted to match your losses. This helps you make smart decisions about you money and avoid spending mindlessly. Spend or save- the never ending struggle? Not any more!

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