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What is Nurture?

Looking to invest but don’t have a large sum to set aside for investments or too skeptical to take a leap of faith with your money? Fret not, Nurture introduces micro investing, that too with a SAFETY NET. Investment won’t seem too daunting after you have read this through!

Remember this when we say INVEST, RECOVER & PAY.

To break it down, using the Nurture App you can safely INVEST a minimal amount that you are comfortable with by the help of up to date stock portfolios constructed by our experts. All you have to do is take a decision. Easy, right?

With investments, there may come a few losses. But worry not, we have that aspect covered for you! The loss you may incur with your investment, you can RECOVER that by spending the same amount through our designated merchants providing a variety of options for you. That way you don’t entirely lose out. How great is that?

You may think that investing means you say good bye to liquid money. But with Nurture, this may not be the case. When needed, you can easily PAY through your investments instead of using cash. This ensures that investment remains available to you at all times. Does it get any better than this?

This is all what Nurture stands for. Investing has never been so easy and safe, who would’ve thought that this could be possible?

Make the right decision regarding your money because what you decide today will surely impact your tomorrow!

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