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Will the rich keep getting richer?

The top 1% hold almost as much wealth as the middle class. Have you ever wondered why the rich keep getting richer ?

In the US ,post financial crisis, interest rates were kept artificially low and stayed that way for over a decade in a concerted effort by the Fed to stimulate the economy. This forced people to make a binary choice: invest in the stock market, which has more risks, to earn returns on their money or go the safe route and park their funds in a bank account yielding under 1%. The people who elected to invest in the stock market were handsomely rewarded. Those who either did not possess enough money to invest in stocks, bonds and real estate or elected to stash their money in bank accounts instead, barely kept pace with inflation. A small group of elite folks who bought large holdings in hot, fast-growing companies made fortunes.

Hence, its a known fact, to grow wealth one must invest! By removing all the friction to traditional investing, Nurture enables everyone to benefit from investing. You can get started by investing small amounts, earn profits or recover your losses by extra savings and use your investments to pay for your favorite products. Our goal is to make investing as safe as possible for you; be it long or short term.

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