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Your paychecks have power. Harness it with Nurture.

99% of Pakistan's 220 million population does not invest in stock market.

Stock market returns over past 10 years?

30% on average per year!


Then what stops people from investing ?

1. Fear of stock market crash

2. Not having enough funds

3. Not knowing anything about investing

This is why I have founded Nurture . To help people take first steps in investing, easily & safely. Nurture addresses the above 3 pain points in the following ways.

1. Fear of stock market crash | Cover losses through discounts on future purchases.

Let's assume you save 10% of your paycheck and spend the remaining 90% every month. You can't take much risk with your savings because they are already meagre and any loss would greatly impact your lifestyle. But, what exactly is your life style? It's what you afford by 'spending' 90% of your income every month. Nurture has connected your savings, spending and earning potential in a way. When you invest your savings of 10% through Nurture, any losses on that 10% are balanced by discounts you can get when you spend 90% of your paycheck. Lets' do some math here. Let's say your paycheck = 100x

your savings = 10x

your spending = 90x

Lets say you invested your savings i.e. 10x in stock market and your investment got down by 30%. Now your loss = (0.3*(10x))= 3x

3x is 3.33% of 90x. In other words, a discount of 3.33% on your total monthly spending will recover your loss of 30% completely. This is what Nurture does. We partner with merchants all around to put together products and services covering your essential and non essential needs. If you suffer a loss on investments, we try balancing it by offering discounted pricing on your regular purchases. Hence, you can take more risk on your savings without fear.

2. Do not have enough funds | Making investments more liquid than ever through micro investing (investing in small amounts) and ability to use investments to pay for an expense when you are out of cash.

So, you consume 100% of your income every month. However, I am sure that this 100% is spent over a period of 30 days and not in 1 day. Let's do some math again. Assume you want to buy that PKR 5,000 bag this month but you don't want to invest because with the funds invested how will you pay for the bag? Nurture enables you to invest this PKR 5,000 the day you get your paycheck and not worry about them being locked. If you buy from Nurture's partner merchant, you don't have to worry about withdrawing your investments first. Nurture will make the payment to the merchant directly through your invested funds if that is your preferred choice. This makes investments more liquid than ever and as good as cash in your hand. If you invest your non essential money at the start of the month, good chance is that your money will have increased in next few days, if it doesn't, get that bag at a discount. If your favorite bag is not at discount, something else equally good will be. Important thing is more money in your bag, not the bag. Focus on the right priorities and don't let your non essential money sit idle even for a day.

3. Do not know anything about investing | You need to know only 2 things : Profits or Losses (discounts in case of Nurture)

Nurture will provide you with ready made stock portfolios. These portfolios will be created after rigorous analysis by industry experts, who will do all the technical work to provide you with lucrative investment options. You will simply have to select an investment option of your liking and begin investing. You don't need to spend years learning about investing unless you want to take it as a career. Investing is a service, at least with Nurture it is. Simply take advantage.

I did a proof of concept of Nurture during the summers of 2020. We partnered with merchants who offered to discount their products in the range of 5% - 30% in order to match the losses of our investors. There were 15 investors who invested an average of PKR 3,000 and generated good returns (profits) over 6 months. Point being, it is totally possible, we have done it earlier and are committed to do it at scale. Nurture is a step towards making our current financial system efficient and productive. There are other interesting things planned as well and will be shared with you as we begin this journey. But first, lets make investing safe.

It would be great if you can share this with your friends and family members so they too can realize and harness the power of their paychecks!

Join our invitation list for early access to Nurture's beta launch. We will initially be sending out download invites only to our registered user base.

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